Software for military & public administration

Top-security projects

CORONIC works on sensitive top-security projects for administrations and the armed forces. The company provides highly-specialised software developers and architects for police and military projects.
One of our core tasks is to tailor the implementation of Java Enterprise applications (e.g. Spring, Hibernate, Grails) and their integration into existing IT environments (e.g. SOA, multi-tier infrastructures). For many years now, CORONIC has been building on its extensive experience in the field of military projects for the German Armed Forces, including software maintenance, adaptations and modifications for public administrations (SWMM), as well as quality control and performance optimisation in Java environments.

Core tasks

Java / JEE

For over 15 years, CORONIC has been working on projects involving complex Java Enterprise environments. We are able to deal with the most common methods, technologies and tools available, such as EJB, JMS, JNI, Swing, JSP, JDBC, Servlets, Portlets, WebServices, Tomcat, BEA Weblogic, IBM WebSphere and JBoss.


For over ten years now, CORONIC has been developing top-security clients under C/C++/Qt. The most common methods, technologies and tools are supported, e.g. Qt, STL, BOOST, MFC, .NET, SOA, REST, JAX-WS, SWT, AWT, Applets, BHO and ActiveX.

Architectures & frameworks

The most common architectures and frameworks are supported: JEE, Qt, Spring, Grails, Gradle, Hibernate, Vaadin, STL, BOOST, MFC, .NET, SOA, REST, JAX-WS, SWT, AWT, Applets, BHO, ActiveX, and more.


Typical services our company provides include: object-oriented programming, software architecture, OO design, data modelling, testing, integration, consulting, coaching and project management.

Client testimonials

“We worked with CORONIC software architects from 2011 to 2013. The personnel provided was excellent, not only in terms of their expertise and technological know-how, but also in view of their interpersonal skills. We enjoyed collaborating with the company”

Dr. Heinrich Flügel

Head of Development, Hagenuk Marinekommunikation