VISOR - Say goodbye to banking-relevant vulnerabilities

VISOR Computercheck

Practically all Trojan drive-by attacks take place by means of browser plugins or multimedia formats. Major media plugin manufacturers such as Apple (Quicktime), Microsoft (Silverlight) and Adobe (Flash, PDF) are not immune to this problem… Unfortunately, most clients are unaware of which plugins are installed in their browsers and that is why they cannot even recognise the warning signs in the event of danger. In such cases, a scan of the users’ own devices is helpful, which detects risks on both PCs and smartphones, at the same time as raising awareness about security issues.

VISOR – Advantages for the bank

Reduce IT support requests

Every bank knows this problem: clients calling because the “flicker-banking” function does not work, they cannot print their statements, the brokerage page does not display correctly, or pages don’t contain all required details… Often, such problems are related to display errors in the browser. From the bank’s point of view, this means that they have to invest more in support, have conversations with clients, and sometimes even perform remote maintenance tasks. In many cases, all this time and effort wouldn’t be required if clients simply updated their browsers, operating systems, plugins, Java, Flash and PDF readers… This regularly resolves such issues. Instead of going through all these technical details with every single client experiencing a problem, banks can now delegate these tasks to the Computercheck. After running a scan, if the light shows “green”, most problems have been resolved automatically. If an error is detected, the light shows “red”, and the client can either update his/her system alone or refer to the email IT Support service in the Computercheck.

VISOR Computercheck – Product details

Fully automatic QuickCheck

The Computercheck allows clients to check the security level on their computers or smartphones simply by means of a click. However, only customers who are aware of security-related issues regularly take advantage of this opportunity. Unaware clients simply perform online banking transactions without updating their computers first. The QuickCheck software module completes the Computercheck by performing fully automatic scans for required software updates on all clients’ computers, thus promoting the more regular use of the Computercheck itself. The QuickCheck monitors all users visiting the homepage or online banking services automatically, in the background. The banking client only receives a warning if a relevant security gap is detected on his/her computer, stating that it is recommended he/she run the ComputerCheck before any transferring money.