CSF - Secure banking - even on vulnerable systems

Hardened apps on all operating systems

We specialise in security and the hardening of banking and communication processes. CORONIC is a market leader in Trojan protection and the prevention of phishing attacks against the computers of German banks’ private clients. The CORONIC Security Framework (CSF) protects applications and other software running on insecure IT systems. CSF hardens your software, making it resistant to hackers and Trojans. This shields your business transactions from attacks – even when working in insecure environments.

CSF - Advantages for banks and the industry

Example of a hardened browser

If a Trojan attack on the browser is prevented, then all online transactions are protected from manipulation: indeed, the security of all online transactions depends on the security of the browser it takes place on. CSF checks all Windows functions in the browser, as well as the pages visited, to verify if they are secure. All imaginable malware functions are crushed thanks to tried and tested anti-hooking and anti-cracking mechanisms. Thanks to CSF-hardened browsers, over 150 banks using the Framework have been fully immune to attacks: not a single one since 2010!

CSF – Product details