Secure banking - even on vulnerable systems

Hardened apps on all operating systems

We specialise in security and the hardening of banking and communication processes. CORONIC is a market leader in Trojan protection and the prevention of phishing attacks against the computers of German banks’ private clients. The CORONIC Security Framework (CSF) protects applications and other software running on insecure IT systems. CSF hardens your software, making it resistant to hackers and Trojans. This shields your business transactions from attacks – even when working in insecure environments.

Client testimonials

“We have been using CORONIC’s hardened PROTECT Browser for one and a half years now, both for our staff and clients. It is a success! All our customers have given us extremely positive feedback about this product. It has now become an indispensable component of our internal security strategy for online banking.”

Hans-Jürgen Koch

Branch Manager, Support, Volksbank Lüneburger Heide eG, Winsen

CSF - Advantages for banks and the industry

Top security

Of course, one hundred percent security cannot be guaranteed, but the resistance of hardened software components is outstanding - even in the case of targeted and planned attacks, and the reversing of existing software components. This protection technology has been applied in banks and financial institutions for years now, shielding desktop applications and mobile apps against third-party attacks.

Banking transactions on one device

The physical segregation of transaction processes onto two explicitly separate hardware platforms was the online banking sector's "Holy Grail" for a long time. In the meanwhile, bank transfers and authorisations can take place on the same device, as long as the software components are protected against third-party attacks.

Security on vulnerable IT systems

Thanks to CORONIC’s Security Framework, security can be provided for existing applications or business transactions on insecure IT systems. If you let CSF take charge of security, adapting or developing new complex banking products won’t even be necessary.

Can be implemented at a later date

Many companies use vulnerable applications. Often, the systems used are out-of-date in terms of today's technology. However, the modern protection of existing applications is more expensive or sometimes even impossible. With CSF, modern security mechanisms can be implemented anyway.

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CORONIC in the media

“Expenditure for online banking security has risen greatly over the past few years, both for banks and private users. But cybercrime is on the rise anyway…”

Bankeninformationen Magazine

Article published in April 2012

CSF – Product details

Available for Windows & mobile

The CORONIC Security Framework is available in the form of an application library for Windows, Macintosh and mobile systems running under iOS and Android.

Hardens existing applications

Your own existing applications can also be protected against third-party attacks with the Security Framework.

Protection against hackers and Trojans

Beginning in 2010, over 250 banks now use CORONIC's hardened applications. CSF protects them against hacking and Trojan attacks - both on desktops and on mobile operating systems. There has not been a single attack in seven years!

Secures compromised systems

CSF hardens and protects applications and transactions, even if the operating system or the system’s environment is already vulnerable.

In line with German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority regulations

When authorising online banking transactions on a physical device, the bank regulating body requires that the hardening of software components be explicitly mentioned.

Protection for TAN and authentication systems

Both for online banking and secure online credit card payments, TAN and push apps can be secured thanks to CSF.

PSD2 secure display

Secure display processes in payment transactions - even on Windows desktop systems. Not an issue when using CORONIC’s Security Framework!

Hardened browser

CSF is commonly used to harden the web browser so it can be used securely for online banking payments or for other transactions requiring added protection.

Client testimonials

“As savings banks, trust and security are fundamental characteristics of our business. That is why we have been providing CORONIC’s hardened PROTECT Browser as an integral part of our accounts for all end customers since February 2016. We are fully satisfied with the product as well as with the support provided by CORONIC.”

Benjamin Gramsch

Group Manager, Sales Management, Förde Sparkasse, Kiel

Example of a hardened browser

If a Trojan attack on the browser is prevented, then all online transactions are protected from manipulation: indeed, the security of all online transactions depends on the security of the browser it takes place on. CSF checks all Windows functions in the browser, as well as the pages visited, to verify if they are secure. All imaginable malware functions are crushed thanks to tried and tested anti-hooking and anti-cracking mechanisms. Thanks to CSF-hardened browsers, over 150 banks using the Framework have been fully immune to attacks: not a single one since 2010!