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Push app with immediate authorisation

CORONIC’s SIGN products offer software-based transaction authentication services for smartphones and tablet computers. This includes internet TANs via push or cloud services, or even immediate authorisations without using a TAN at all. The system is compatible with SmartWatch integration and app migrations to new mobile devices, as well as the dual usage on both a smartphone and tablet computer. SIGN supports online banking and online payment transactions with credit cards, for instance. In addition to the SIGN app, there is the SIGN server. It supports the transfer of documents and information between banks and their clients, and can be used as a P2P messaging system.

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The CORONIC ID App can authenticate everyone

“Who am I?” That is the question! Philosophers could hardly answer it – but now there is an answer in the case of online payment transactions: legal regulations such as the Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) have set forth what biometric characteristics are and who can use them, in order to do online banking, for instance. One can be authenticated through facial recognition, voice recognition, a fingerprint, a proven piece of hardware or even with a password or PIN. Unfortunately, banks and financial service providers have their own ideas as to how these biometric characteristics should be applied to their online transactions. With the CORONIC ID App, everything is easier: traditional processes such as the use of PINs, TANs, passwords, cards and signatures can be integrated, as well as push messages or real biometric authentication characteristics. An ID app as universal proof of identity for all payment processes and logins – everywhere, anytime.