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Hardened browser for all systems

The task of a browser is to open up every single webpage and play every video. That is why a browser is the exact opposite of a safe software program – because it opens up everything! Thanks to the PROTECT Browser, you can work on any PC or mobile device both easily and securely – even if the system is already vulnerable. Malware and hackers don’t stand a chance. Banking transactions and payments remain secure.

PROTECT - Product details


The hardened PROTECT Browser is a real browser: it looks like a normal one, has the same functions and operates just like its insecure counterparts.


Hardened browsers are the most secure way to do online banking. PROTECT has been used by over 170 banks for practically ten years – without a single incident.


Security and speed can go hand in hand. PROTECT Browser systems are just as fast and efficient as Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari, for instance.


The PROTECT Browser can monitor online banking, Secoder processes and communicate fully automatically with EBICS systems.


By means of an Admin server that can support multiple clients, individual whitelists for different banks or websites can be managed, controlled and configured.

Own engine

The Browser has its own HTML rendering engine based on Chrome Blink and operates in exactly the same manner on many operating systems, with the same layout, which makes testing at the time of roll-out easier.


PROTECT Browser systems can be tailored to banks individually. Own name, own interface, own functions – no problem at all.

Authorisation and certificates

The PROTECT Browser can be given individual certificates, in order to manage the identification of users, logins and authentication mechanisms.

Client testimonials

“Thanks to the hardened VR-Protect Browser, we are truly unique in the field of online banking security. Today, it is important to guarantee our clients can access fully secure online banking. It is also in line with our position as a partner for all kinds of financial affairs. We highly and expressly recommend our clients use VR-Protect!“

Bernd Schmidt

Speaker of the Board of the Kieler Volksbank eG

PROTECT – Advantages for the bank

Cut document-processing costs

To achieve this aim, offline clients must become online clients. The typical fears of offline bank clients can easily be deflected thanks to the hardened PROTECT browser. Many institutions reduced their expenditure related to bank documents by over 25% last year, thanks to PROTECT. Depending on the size of the bank, this sometimes means several 100,000 Euro a year!

Removal of ATMs

A bank clerk will inform the ATM users of this fact. They will gladly migrate to an online account thanks to the reassurance provided by the hardened PROTECT browser and an anti-phishing guarantee. This is how a bank can eliminate several ATMs and save up to 50,000 Euros per machine a year!

Increase in online banking

A bank wants to increase the number of its online users and reduce phishing risks as well. To do so, it provides all its clients with the hardened PROTECT browser for Windows, iPhone and Android. The clients’ trust in online banking increases and phishing attacks drop. Many banks charge a fee for this additional security guarantee.

Increase profit

Many offline clients are only offline because they fear they will be robbed when banking online. They know that online banking is better, faster and more convenient but they are scared. This fear can be eliminated thanks to the hardened PROTECT browser. Document-processing costs will go down, fearful clients will go online and will even be willing to pay one to two Euros a month for the security guarantee provided by an account with PROTECT.

Preventing phishing

Applications that are part of a banking or transaction process will eventually be targeted by cybercriminals – this cannot be avoided. Thanks to the hardened PROTECT apps, you can secure your transactions against such attacks. Beginning in 2010, PROTECT is now used by over 250 banks – and there has been no phishing incident!

Reduce overdraft costs

Every TV, holiday or car nowadays goes beyond people’s budget. The IT Support team can increase users’ overdraft and then reduce it again later. This task can represent up to one full-time job, even for smaller banks. With PROTECT, a high overdraft is not an issue. The discussions do not have to take place with staff anymore, and this saves on personnel expenditure.

Marketing & Sales

Today, a regional bank will have 50% online clients and 50% offline clients. Offline clients do not remain offline because they do not like computers. Indeed, they shop online, have a smartphone and tablet computer – but fear online banking. PROTECT wipes away these clients’ worries and is therefore the ideal attractive selling point for the Marketing and Sales department to get new clients.

Strengthen members

Many GENO banks want to strengthen their cooperatives’ members. Other regional banks want to reinforce their relationship with their customers too. To do so, added value and bonus programmes must be proposed. What could work better than the fully secure online banking offer with PROTECT and its anti-phishing guarantee? Clients know how much this is worth!

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PROTECT in the media

“The NSA has developed a virus-protected browser exclusively for the US President. CORONIC, the security specialist from Kiel, Germany, has developed a secure browser – for everyone.”

Kieler Nachrichten

Article published on 20 February 2009

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Client testimonials

“Following a goal-orientated and solution-based approach, in 2011, CORONIC created a product based on the VISOR Computercheck which has been used by our clients ever since: the PostFinance Browsercheck. It has received excellent feedback, is used regularly and turns our clients’ positive experiences into an advert for our services. CORONIC has impressed us especially on the basis of its agility, flexibility and the adaptation of its basic product to our specific needs: in an open-minded fashion, CORONIC has successfully met challenges such as supporting multiple languages, breaking down barriers and the consideration of the technical characteristics of our IT environment.”

Michael Thomalla

Security Officer, PostFinance AG, Bern, Switzerland

Secure browser, secure banking

A modern security concept must be based on the browser. If a Trojan attack on the browser is prevented, then all online transactions are protected from manipulation: indeed, the security of all online transactions depends on the security of the browser it takes place on. PROTECT monitors and controls browser and Windows functions, as well as all pages that appear (URL, IP addresses and ports, SSL certificates). PROTECT even shields systems against the latest generation of Trojans, because all malware functions are supressed in the browser by means of tried and tested anti-hooking and anti-cracking mechanisms. Today, PROTECT is used by over 150 banks, rendering them immune to attacks: not a single one since 2010!