Support for your team

CORONIC developers, architects and analysts.

CORONIC supports its clients by providing software developers, architects and consultants. Whether it is for a short-term project or a long-term one, at the client’s facilities as consultants, as a temporary workforce or for outsourced development projects in Kiel, CORONIC can help.

Our experts are able to fulfil all project requirements during the entire development process, from the initial analysis and architecture to the integration and deployment of the project. We master agile development processes, prototype-driven procedural modelling, and have extensive experience of project planning and concepts thanks to our consultants, project managers and software architects for ongoing projects, as well as many years’ experience in code reviews, quality assurance and performance optimisation in the follow-up of software projects.

Client testimonials

“We employed an analyst / designer from CORONIC between 2008 and 2013. The employee’s technical skills and expertise were outstanding. He integrated our team very successfully, learning about our field of work and soon becoming an indispensable pillar for our software analysis tasks.”

Dr. Thomas Dupré

Head of Order Management and Provisioning Systems

What makes CORONIC stand out

Flexible & dynamic

Thanks to the fact that we develop our own products, we are able to deal with software development project requests in a very flexible manner: indeed, we are able to transfer resources from our product range into the new projects.


We have been working with major customers for many years, and we are used to adapting to their requirements in a dynamic and flexible manner. Because we work with major clients on long-term projects, we view them as real partners, not just as contracting customers.


Companies that offer complex services and projects rely on both client and staff satisfaction. This is why we are always honest, competent and fair in our communications, acting as a true partner.

Honest & straightforward

We are open and honest, and are clear about our work and the tasks at hand. You will never hear us say that we will meet a tight deadline if this is not achievable: indeed, we speak about risks openly and always recommend alternatives.