Software & Security


The Company

CORONIC GmbH from Kiel (Germany) develops tailored software solutions for companies, as well as security products for banks and insurance companies. The company was founded in 2003 by Dipl.-Inf. Andreas Harder and Dr. Frank Bock in Kiel.

CORONIC has received awards for its technical innovation from the European Union, and it has also won several technology prizes.

The company currently employs 28 members of staff working in the field of security and hardening of online banking, payment and communication processes. Over fifteen years of existence, it has continually grown and expanded its product range on its own initiative. It possesses a fixed equity of 250,000 Euro.

CORONIC is a market leader in Trojan protection and the prevention of phishing attacks against the computers of German banks’ private clients. The company’s clients include over 900 German and international banks and insurance companies, as well as international corporations such as T-Systems, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen and Airbus.

We see ourselves as a team of committed developers in search of new solutions and techniques with the aim of bringing them to market successfully.

Business clients both in Germany and abroad use CORONIC products
Private clients used CORONIC products in 2017

CORONIC's philosophy: “With us, things run differently"

Flexible & dynamic

Thanks to the fact that we develop our own products, we are able to deal with software development project requests in a very flexible manner: indeed, we are able to transfer resources from our product range into the new projects.


We understand our employees, customers and our suppliers as equal partners in our processes. We develop new innovative technological solutions and security concepts for and with them.


Companies that offer complex services and projects rely on both client and staff satisfaction. This is why we are always honest, competent and fair in our communications, acting as a true partner.

Honest & straightforward

We are open and honest, and are clear about our work and the tasks at hand. You will never hear us say that we will meet a tight deadline if this is not achievable: indeed, we speak about risks openly and always recommend alternatives.

Client testimonials

“We have accompanied Coronic from the moment of its foundation until the reimbursement of our loan, over a period of 10 years. In that time, not only have we witnessed the market success of the company and its innovative products, we have also dealt with a reliable, fair partner over 10 years of active business relations. At the end of the day, CORONIC has significantly contributed to our success.”

Bernd Ernst

Client Advisor, Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Schleswig-Holstein mbH

Core competences: flexibility & speed

As a small business that has always collaborated with large organisations (e.g. banks, the German Armed Forces, T-Mobile, Airbus Group, T-Systems), we are used to being quick and agile when dealing with projects. We have in-depth knowledge of the processes and procedures in these organisations and tailor our services to ensure great success. Our motto is: if in doubt, always focus on the client!