Say goodbye to banking-relevant vulnerabilities

VISOR Computercheck

Practically all Trojan drive-by attacks take place by means of browser plugins or multimedia formats. Major media plugin manufacturers such as Apple (Quicktime), Microsoft (Silverlight) and Adobe (Flash, PDF) are not immune to this problem… Unfortunately, most clients are unaware of which plugins are installed in their browsers and that is why they cannot even recognise the warning signs in the event of danger. In such cases, a scan of the users’ own devices is helpful, which detects risks on both PCs and smartphones, at the same time as raising awareness about security issues.

VISOR – Advantages for the bank

Less IT support required

Display issues on the homepage or "flicker-banking" errors are the most common support requests related to online banking. Both problems are caused by old software components on the client's end. The Computercheck detects out-of-date software, helps users update it and consequently, reduces the amount of support and advice requested from the hotline.

Increase in online banking

All banks want to increase the number of online users. To do so, offline clients must be convinced that computer security is not overly technical, but that everyone is able to keep their PC up-to-date. The Computercheck means that more clients go online for their transactions.

Mobile Check

Banks always want to attract more mobile users to their homepage. In principle, smartphones are miniature computers, which are vulnerable to exactly the same problems as larger devices. The MobileCheck is a useful add-on to the Computercheck – especially for mobile users.

Preventing phishing

Phishing costs banks a lot of money. Additional personnel is required for consultations, analysis and sometimes even for court cases. The Computercheck and QuickCheck help fight banking-related security flaws, thus reducing the number of incidents.

Support for security questions

The Minimum Requirements for the Security of Internet Payments in Germany demand that banks provide "support and guidance for the secure use of online payment services" for their clients. This is not an issue thanks to the Computercheck: it informs users, raises their awareness about security, helps them and offers solutions to all security-related questions.

Fewer errors

Security gaps, software errors and out-of-date components are the main causes for display problems in online banking and for phishing attacks. The Computercheck reduces the number of security gaps on all the end customers' IT systems – and as a result, expenditure for phishing attacks and IT support are cut too.

Using Facebook

Many banks advertise their services on Facebook. The disadvantage is that clients do not go to their bank's homepage anymore. With the Facebook-Check module, security can also be offered to social network users. This way, they are directed to their bank's homepage from the social network site they were on.

Reduce the error rate

The Computercheck updates the private clients' software as soon as they visit the bank's homepage. This means that their browsers and operating systems are always up-to-date, as well as their plugins and media players. This reduces the number of errors on the end client’s side when the page is next opened.

Banks use VISOR Computercheck
Scans in 2017
Vulnerable computers detected

Thats what our customers say

„The high usage rate and the entirely positive feedback from our clients have confirmed that we made the right choice when implementing the Computercheck. It is also important to underscore the quick and competent support provided in the event of client questions, which also raises security-related awareness and knowledge among our customers and staff.“

Jens Vossen

Manager Organisation
Mittelbrandenburgische Sparkasse


Reduce IT support requests

Every bank knows this problem: clients calling because the “flicker-banking” function does not work, they cannot print their statements, the brokerage page does not display correctly, or pages don’t contain all required details… Often, such problems are related to display errors in the browser. From the bank’s point of view, this means that they have to invest more in support, have conversations with clients, and sometimes even perform remote maintenance tasks. In many cases, all this time and effort wouldn’t be required if clients simply updated their browsers, operating systems, plugins, Java, Flash and PDF readers… This regularly resolves such issues. Instead of going through all these technical details with every single client experiencing a problem, banks can now delegate these tasks to the Computercheck. After running a scan, if the light shows “green”, most problems have been resolved automatically. If an error is detected, the light shows “red”, and the client can either update his/her system alone or refer to the email IT Support service in the Computercheck.

The VISOR Check was developed in collaboration with the European Union. It has been legally and technically certified and has been awarded the official German privacy seal.
(#1-01/2005 until 2009).

VISOR Computercheck – Product details

Easy integration

The Computercheck can be integrated directly as an iFrame or JavaScript component into the bank’s own website. The bank does not have to perform any specialised technical tasks. The entire integration is simple and seamless.

Detects every flaw

The Computercheck identifies out-of-date software in browsers, operating systems, plugins and media players. Whether you have old browsers installed, vulnerable PDF files, Flash, QuickTime or Silverlight issues – no problem! The Computercheck detects the vulnerabilities present and helps users resolve the issues.

Runs on all devices

The Computercheck can be run on all common operating systems: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, iOS and Android. Even game consoles such as the Xbox are scanned for security flaws. Everything in just one click, in a few seconds… and fully automatically!

Sense of security

The Computercheck is the ideal tool to improve banking clients' sense of security and trust in the system. In the event of problems, users can click on the Computercheck icon – that’s how simple security can be! This improves the client-bank relationship and clients' loyalty in the long term.

Tips & Tricks

In addition to scanning for security problems, the Computercheck provides both "Tips & Tricks" to inform users on how to use their PC, smartphone and tablet computers securely. For example, it gives answers to questions such as: How can I install a firewall? What must I pay attention to when using an anti-virus? How does a password manager work?

Help & Support

Clients who have questions about security issues on their PCs and smartphones don’t have to call the banks’ hotlines anymore. The Computercheck provides support in all areas, responding also to specific security questions from clients via an email hotline.

Includes statistical data

How many clients use the Computercheck? How many run a scan? How many operating systems are vulnerable? The Computercheck's integrated statistics collector can give you the answers to all those questions and more. The bank always has an overview of the current security situation on the end customer's end.


The Computercheck's integrated feedback function provides the bank with data concerning its customers' reception of the service. The bank can access all the clients' questions and see the responses provided by the Computercheck Support Team. Result: over 90% satisfaction guarantee!

Das sagen unsere Kunden

„Thanks to the Sparkassen-Computercheck, we can reassure clients who worry about security on their PCs. The QuickCheck also keeps an eye on those who do not feel concerned about computer security, because it always performs a quick test when these clients log onto their online banking site, warning them in the event of a severe security flaw.“

Herbert Honold

Sparkassenverband Baden-Württemberg


Fully automatic QuickCheck

The Computercheck allows clients to check the security level on their computers or smartphones simply by means of a click. However, only customers who are aware of security-related issues regularly take advantage of this opportunity. Unaware clients simply perform online banking transactions without updating their computers first. The QuickCheck software module completes the Computercheck by performing fully automatic scans for required software updates on all clients’ computers, thus promoting the more regular use of the Computercheck itself. The QuickCheck monitors all users visiting the homepage or online banking services automatically, in the background. The banking client only receives a warning if a relevant security gap is detected on his/her computer, stating that it is recommended he/she run the ComputerCheck before any transferring money.